Yet in the first hours of July 1, one of the NBA 2K18 MT first major deals reported was the Lakers handing Timofey Mozgov some $64 million over four years. The same Mozgov who played just 17 minutes per game last season. The same Mozgov who was pushed out of the Cavaliers' rotation in favor of Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson. Mozgov, who played just 76 minutes in the entire 21-game


Cleveland postseason run and who turns 30 this month (he's eight months younger than Dwight). The same Mozgov who was not among 's top-50 free agents or our top-10 free agent centers. Timofey Mozgov. $16 million per season. Seventeen percent of the salary cap for a 30-year-old career backup center.This is not the behavior of a team that considers itself exceptional.The Lakers considered themselves exceptional for so long that, for a time, they seemed to forget that horrible teams don't get LeBrons, Melos or Durants. They get Mozgovs, and they pay through the nose for the opportunity. The Lakers know now.


The Lakers have found their footing, and they are getting comfortable. They are making the moves of a losing franchise, a derelict and moribund team just hoping to graduate from god-awful to mediocre.The Lakers have made the most New York Knicks move possible -- well, the most New York Knicks move since the Lakers traded multiple firsts for Nash (they still owe a pick on that), or since the Knicks traded picks for Andrea


Bargnani -- at a time in which the Buy NBA Live Coins  Lakers' leader himself thought the brain trust would be preparing to pepper Kevin Durant with talk of Hollywood and courtside celebrities and warm winters.Reports suggest the Lakers didn't even reach out to Al Horford or Hassan Whiteside when the clock struck midnight because L.A. considered landing those higher-tier centers unlikely. And so for more news visit to