West could be headed to San Antonio if it misses on NFL 18 Coins Aldridge. Cleveland and Washington are also options. He'll be a good fit in D.C. and his "veteran-ness" can replace what was lost by Paul "I called game" Pierce, even if they play slightly different styles and positions.9.Josh


Smith (48)There are a lot of options for Smith right now, almost all of them good, considering wherever he signs he's still getting paid by the Pistons until 2020.10. Enes Kanter (50)Kanter and the Oklahoma City Thunder are reportedly having trouble coming to an agreement. While Kanter's one of the better offensive post threats in the


NBA, he's one of the absolute worst defenders. Still, the Thunder have to be the favorites to re-sign him at this juncture.11. J.R. Smith (51)Without any choice thanks to the injuries, the Cavaliers asked too much of J.R. Smith in the NBA Finals and he could never keep up, only heating up for a couple quarters in the six-game series. Still, he's a known quantity and still has his jump shot.12.Jordan Hill (52)Hill is one of the NBA's better rebounders and can play solid defense, too. Whoever brings him in this summer will likely be well rewarded.13.


Manu Ginobili (54)It's the Spurs or retirement. Probably the Spurs. Those Buy madden mobile coins guys won't ever retire.The next 10 best available free agents14. Dorell Wright (56)15. Matthew Dellavedova (57)16. Bismack Biyombo (58)17. Leandro Barbosa (62)18. Wayne Ellington (63)19. Andre Miller (64)20. Darrell Arthur (65)21. Jason Terry (66)22. Mirza Teletovic (67)23. Gerald Green (69)SB Nation presents: NBA Draft winners and losers NBA 2K - Search - Page 559 -  You can visit to our website https://www.maddenvip.com/