Well worth a MTnba2k spin especially given the value price in the West.7. Alive4Ever (Meridian - iPhone)Chinese developer Meridian hit it out of the park with Alive4Ever, but it was understandably somewhat glossed over. Its one of many twinstick Smash TV-style shooting games on the iPhone, so is  NBA 2K18 MT easily dismissed. But the responsive controls, and more importantly the different missions - from rescuing survivors, to defeating enemies in specific ways, to harvesting gold - kept the missions fresh.


The game is plain fun, and when you layer on a level system with various upgradable weapons, accessories, and attributes, youve got a game that really caters to the just one more voice in all of us.6. The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match (SNK Playmore Xbox Live Arcade)This is another one that I totally understand people skipping over. The fighting genre is niche to begin with, and SNK releases so many


KOF variants and ports that nobody but the hardest of the hardcore can keep up. But KOF 98 UM is a rebalanced version of the most popular KOF ever, with new characters to boot. The game feels more kinetic and more explosive than ever, and the balances really help make the game work much better in versus mode. But in the shadow of the arguably regressive KOF 12, 98 UM really didnt get the chance to shine.


If you like fighting games and Cheap NBA Live Coins have ever wondered what KOF was all about, this is the game to start with. It showcases almost everything that is good about the series.5. Silent Hill Shattered Memories (ClimaxKonami Wii)The Silent Hill series has taken some serious knocks, after the third. Most recently development shifted to the West, and for better or for worse, it seems here to stay. Double Helix dropped the ball on Homecoming, and