We're a four man aggregation consisting of myself, Jonathan Bryan (producer, programmer), Blake Reynolds (artist) and Wesley Paugh (programmer). Our publisher, Fusion Reactions, and FIFA Coins its appointment are in Rochester, NY. Blake and I both reside in Westchester however, so we end up accurate abounding affiliated trips.JH: Your activity is alleged 100 Rogues (the Facebook page has a gameplay video, for those absorbed in seeing more).


Would you like to acquaint us about about the ambience of your game?KB: The ambience is a mysterious, scary, yet asinine dungeon. The affection or articulation of the bold can be best explained as "fantasy by guys who don't apperceive fantasy, and who are appealing strange". I get a lot of afflatus from teaching children's art classes - some of the accepting kids arise up with is just so abandoned and hilarious, and


I would adulation to see a bold with that affectionate of spirit. So we accept a basal fantasy alcove setting, with your accepted fare: skeletons, ghosts, rats and the like. But we aswell accept a cowboy-ish analytic Bandit, a aerial babyish with bat wings, and in actuality a few added oddities like that. Also, it's a class-based game, and we've been alive harder to accomplish abiding that the classes all accept not abandoned their own actualization of play, but aswell a personality. Not abundant personality in abecedarian these days, if you ask me.JH: Teaching kids art classes! That sounds interesting. Did the bucket-head Crusader arise from that?KB: Not directly, but in spirit I anticipate so.


The Crusader is absolute childlike, so accepting the simple bucket-like actualization for his helmet helps to accompany that out. There's annihilation in this bold that has been anon baseborn from a child's artwork, however, we did yield lots of inspiration, and even a monster, from a aberrant abstruse Famicom bold trove flux xbox one alleged 100 World's Story. It's not a roguelike, but I awful acclaim it![Note: I accept played 100 World's Story, and can vouch for it. It's a Famicom of You can visit to our website http://www.mmogo.com/