Warriors and the Cavs are less likely to suffer off NBA 2K18 MT -nights than anybody in basketball history, they will still happen sometimes. That's how shooting works.And on the rare occasions when one of these good-shooting teams does have an off-night, the good-shooting team they're playing against is likely to have an on-night. That's when a blowout happens.But while


NBA teams are shooting more jumpers now than ever before, they're not shooting twice as many threes as they were last year, or three times as many threes as they were in 2011 and 2012. The uptick in blowouts isn't fully explained by an uptick in jump shooting.Adjustments play a huge role in playoff seriesA seven-game series is like a chess match. While NBA teams can only do so much game-planning during the regular season -- if you play the Bucks on Friday and the


Mavericks on Saturday, you can't really plan a ton individually for the Bucks or the Mavericks -- a playoff series involves intense analysis of your opponent. Over two weeks, these teams become so familiar with each other, and it shows.This means that each team has the advantage to make serious, meaningful tweaks to their strategy based on their opponents' weaknesses -- say, moving LeBron James to power forward, and starting Richard Jefferson, orasking James to guard


Draymond Green. And it also means that when these tweaks happen, the other team might be unprepared. They've studied for days, only to find a completely different set of questions on the test.A strategic or personnel tweak can make a huge difference. Then, when the game ends, the teams go back to the drawing board, study what happened and adjust.The quality of these teams is really lowA blowout requires a complete failure by  NBA 2K18 MT Coins one team. for more news visit to http://www.buynba2k.com/