Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) October 30, 2015A goddamn 7-10 split. They lost.You are, of course, not required to watch MLS, and your preference for other sports or the Madden NFL 18 Coins superior quality of European leagues need not be stated in the comments below. This is merely a PSA: for those who watched, MLS delivered a shot of adrenaline directly into viewers eyes this week.Phoenix Suns to honor Steve Nash by wearing socks with his face on them -


Friday night, thePhoenix Suns are inducting Steve Nash into their Ring of Honor. It should be a great night for Suns fans to pay their respects to someone who did so much for the franchise over the years.The Suns are going all out for this honor, as you'd expect. What you might not expect is the Suns to do is wear these during the game:


October 29, 2015The Suns can do this because of the NBA's new partnership with Stance Socks, who specialize in creating unique sock designs. Ben York of Suns.com talked with the team's equipment manager about how they were able to make the special socks happen:When it was announced that we were inducting Steve Nash into the Ring of Honor.


I knew it would be a special night and I wanted to Buy madden mobile coins try something different. I knew Stance is known for designing socks with images of athletes. They haven't done anything like this on a performance sock, only casual. I had no idea if it would even be allowed by the NBA.The first step was to contact the league office for approval, and if they said yes, take the idea to the people at https://www.mmogo.com