Thomas will feel the burden of Bradley's injury most. The NBA Live Mobile Coins Celtics were already outperforming their offensive talent with Bradley in the lineup. They scored nearly 104 points per 100 possessions in the regular season while trotting out lineups with players likeEvan Turner and Amir Johnson, which isa testament to Stevens' creativity and Thomas' brilliance.                     


But having Bradley out there helped, too. Curls and pin-down screens were two of Boston's primary weapons during the regular season, and they found some success using them on Saturday night.Though Thomas was in the game at this moment, plays like these for Bradley allowed Boston to get clean looks without Thomas on the flo


or. Not being able to use them for the rest of the series will make it that much harder for Boston to score, especially against an elite defense like the Hawks. Atlanta's defense is strong all over the court, but particularly thrives in the restricted area, where it held opponents to a league-low 56.7 percent shooting this season, catch-and-shoot and pull-up jumpers provided Boston an option to counter some of the Hawks' strengths.


Now, that option is gone. It'll be especially missed late in games.If Avery Bradley misses the rest of the series, the Celtics will be without one of their best crunch time players: —April 17, 2016Oh yeah: he's great on defense, tooThe Celtics have a great collective defense, but Buy NBA Live Coins Bradley was one of the major keys. He's Boston's top perimeter defender, someone who's