They screen and score more often than any NBA Live Coins other team.There's also symmetry between the type of screen teams use most often and the kind of illegal screen called. Golden State's offense relies heavily on off-ball screens and pindowns. Therefore, officials both call and miss more illegal screens of that nature. By contrast, officials tend to call and miss more on-ball illegal screens for pick-and-roll-heavy teams like the Heat andRaptors.


The Trail Blazers, who use both types of screens heavily in their offense, actually had as many calls against them on the ball than off.There's nothing really suspicious about the number or the type of illegal screens Golden State has been called for thus far compared to other teams. They just set more off-ball screens in general, so the legal and illegal ones stick in our memory for longer


The Warriors do get away with setting illegal screens at times. Their screeners really are great at toeing the line between what's allowed and what isn't. Anyone actively seeking out incriminating examples will easily find them, likely in the first quarter. But they should also pay attention to their opponents' screening, because they do the same.The difference between the


Warriors and other teams is that when those off-ball illegal screens don't get called, they almost always result in a bucket because they have some of the best shooters in the planet. That's what really separates them from everyone else, not the nature of their screens.As long asStephen Curry and NBA 2K VC Points Klay Thompson make open shots, the illegal screen accusation won't die. That doesn't mean those accusations have any merit.