These are linked want It is always difficult to know why the player is not fully confident, but I think this is mainly the physical factors. "Even the quasi-lineup is not to mention, but NBA Live Mobile Coins also have to see, Arsenal is also the lack of Mertesacker , Ozil, Giroux these three major backbone, and to the second half later, Arsenal even sent by the side guard (DeBuxi + Chambers + Monreal + Gibbs) composed of the line of defense, and this


While Manchester City is Put on David - Silva the absolute core, but the real control of the situation is still Arsenal. The lineup is not too much difference, and Arsenal also Sanchez, Chambers, Debu is joined by the new aid this summer, and the team's running has not yet completed, but Arsenal have done through targeted play Containment of


Manchester City. For example, the first half of the Wenger sent the striker teenager Yaya - Sanuo Ge, he was in the front as if "Ibrahimovic" exists, the ball, do the ball, post moves are the board, Cassola and Ramsay Score, ya - Sanzo's play plays a key role. This time Arsenal crowned community shield cup champion played a positive role can not be overlooked. First of all, the victory over Manchester


City to make this new gunmen to establish enough self-confidence; Moreover, the continuous winning rhythm will make Arsenal in the future set off the event more calmly; In addition, through this game, Wenger Test the new aid + new configuration, and has been able to find the Buy NBA Live Coins problem (defender position), the next 20 days, Arsenal have time to sign through the perfect. Before the campaign, many media have referred to the for more news visit to