The rest of the NBA can thank the Phoenix Suns for NBA Live Coins finally figuring out a way to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. Apparently, all it takes is a historic performance from three-point range to get it done. That doesn't sound too hard, right?↵Yup, the Suns beat the Lakers last night by hitting a franchise-record 22 three-pointers.


They got destroyed on the inside, getting outrebounded by 17, but it doesn't matter when you can't miss from long range. Here are all 22 of those threes, in video form.↵↵The three-point barrage was enough for SB Nation's Suns blog Bright Side of the Sunto writethat they are "giddy like a school girl." Be careful, Lakers. This is a copycat league, and now everyone else is practicing their new "hit 22 three-pointers in a game" strategy to take you down.404 Not found


Being a professional athlete in Miami has so many advantages. The clubs, the women, the temperature, the lifestyle, and of course the greatest fans in the history of the world. (Just kidding). But if you're Chris Bosh, that stuff is trivial compared to the real advantage of living in South Beach: the ability to finally get NBA League Pass.


Because, apparently, Bosh couldn't get Buy NBA 2K18 MT NBA League Pass up in Toronto. At least that's what he said to ESPN's Brian Windhorst today.Chris Bosh said he's happy because he can get League Pass now in Miami. In Toronto, said he didn't have "the good cable."less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneBrian WindhorstWindhorstESPNForget the lifestyle and the ability to be