The moral of this story is simple: DeAndre Jordan's situation was NBA Live Coins weird as hell, NBA players eat a ludicrous amount and Steve Ballmer is the kind of boss we all want.SB Nation presents: DeAndre Jordan's role in free agent movementJames Harden voted MVP by peers at 'Players' Awards' -


Although this isn't the official MVP award (that one went to Stephen Curry), it might serve as a bit of a consolation prize for Harden, who obviously did have a great season. The award will reportedly be presented Tuesday night during the first ever edition of The Players' Awards on BET.Hear why DeAndre Jordan ultimately decided to stay with the Clippers in his own words -


DeAndre Jordan's taken a lot of flak for reneging on a handshake agreement with the Dallas Mavericks to re-sign with the Clippers at the end of the NBA's free agency moratorium. The criticism has varied from justified to hysterical, but it's largely taken place without contributions from Jordan himself. This is that. In this Players' Tribune video, Jordan describes waking up that Monday and realizing things weren't quite right:


Mavs fans look down at their sore toes and Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins shrug, but such is life.It's also worthchecking out the article that goes with this video, which includes some words about Jordan's relationship with Chris Paul, which was called into question throughout the season and during the period when everyone thought he was Dallas-bound.