The focus of the characters Walcott most disappointed audience, the face of the enemy he lost the shot, no way to continue the momentum of the goal. It also let him be the FIFA Coins  top striker skeptical fans have a greater Tucao reason. Before he kicked the free kick to make the oolong, the nearly 10 games scored 10 goals in the number one dangerous figure actually only one foot touch the ball. Half of the time to break his score, but his offside is very obvious.


The second half of his face in the periphery of the three defensive players try to kick, this foot lack of shot naturally blocked by the guard. When he finally found a good opportunity, he regretted his waste. At that time the other side of the ball to break the ball to Girard, Giroux first straight to find the right side of the front of the Walcott, Walcott in the case of no one was forced to play a note angle and strength is not ideal The shot. In the key point of the renewal


Wenger more or less out of the off-site factors so that Walcott four consecutive rounds as a center, but it is clear that in the hearts of Wenger and most fans, Giro is The best player in this position. After Guito's appearance, Walcott was immediately assigned to his reluctant right-wing event. In this position, Walcott almost disappeared, in addition to a break back to knock the ball, follow the Alta tower long-range missed. Southampton's Oolong once again fulfilled Arsenal.


The first cycle of confrontation Southampton's Huo Weide and madden mobile coins Kelai Ni both since the Oolong, today two oolong brother is not present, the Brazilian Prado but in the Wulong hospital transfer posts. Southampton since the upgrade, with excellent firepower is often able to break the opponent's city, but the weak defense so that they have so far lost 19 points in the lead case. You can visit to our website