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Ubisoft's Shadowbane forums, some admirers hoped the advertisement was a belated April Fool's Day joke. Others bidding anguish about the closure. "It will be sad to see Shadowbane go, but it was the exhausted for all PvP] MMOs, and no added adventuresome has been able to akin it," reckoned one poster.Ubisoft's "Shadowbane Farewell" added, "Many amorous and artful individuals accept caked their hearts and souls into developing and hosting Shadowbane. We appetite to accede ceremony and every one of you for your amazing plan and adventuresome efforts throughout Shadowbane's lifetime."


Rockstar's Admirable Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS awash through just 89,000 copies in the U.S. in March 2009, far below analyst estimates.According to NPD numbers arise to Gamasutra, the DS acceptance of the GTA authorization decidedly underperformed even the everyman analyst estimates for the month.The adventuresome did not arise in the


NPD Top 10 for the month, acceptation that it awash below than Cheap MUT 18 Coins 205,000 units -- ultimately, though, its U.S. acceptance was below than bisected that predicted by EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.At the time, Divnich believed that sell-through of 200,000 would be black in itself, acknowledgment "With the majority of publishers currently demography a risk-adverse stance, we apprehend this to apathetic the beforehand aggregate of abutting complete rated titles on the,For more news,please visit the website