The added responsibility didn't just boost Anderson's draft stock, it NFL 18 Coins helped his teammates, as well."He made my life so much easier," said Jordan Adams at the draft combine. "You just come off a curl and he'd hit you right where it needs to be. Seeing you on backdoor cuts. All I had to do was keep continuing to move, and he'll find you."Even with his success at the position, Anderson isn't insisting he's a point guard.


He said he's spent much of the time since UCLA's season ending watching how Diaw and Marc Gasol affect the game with their passing from the wing or high post. He thinks his ability to play multiple positions is what will allow him to make an impact early in his career.One criticism Anderson will face on draft night is how he'll hold up defensively in a league with so many explosive athletes. For his part, Anderson isn't worried."I think


I have a great feel for the game not only offensively but defensively," he said. "I think I'll be able to use my size and long arms to my advantage in helping keep guys in front of me."Whatever team drafts Anderson will have to be smart enough not to pigeonhole him. Anderson doesn't want to be known as a forward or a pure point guard. He just wants to be a basketball player. It sounds simple enough. Put Kyle Anderson on the floor, and he's proven he can consistently make the right play. We'll find out just how much NBA teams value that on Thursday.John Sickels Profile, Activity and Communities Warriors lead Kevin Love chase, but will they give up enough?


The Golden State Warriors followed up their surprising 2013 playoff run Buy NFL Coins with a rather disappointing performance in the 2014 postseason. Some key injuries slowed the Warriors as they lost their first-round series to the Los Angeles Clippers in seven games.The Warriors clearly have a solid foundation with Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, David Lee and Klay Thompson, but there's always a need for improvement in the