Sterling is casually brutal in his dealings with others and floridly sentimental about NBA 2K18 MT himself. He is pitiless and self-pitying. He is vicious and he is vain, each feeding the other. He exploited everything and everyone he could for an appallingly long time, taking breaks here and there to throw himself award ceremonies honoring his good works.That's Donald Sterling being


Donald Sterling, and we're apparently somehow not quite done with him yet.But gripping and gross as it is, Sterling's specific odiousness is not really the point.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports It's incorrect to say that Donald Sterling doesn't matter, but not because he's still sucking around on television. What Sterling thinks about Magic


 Johnson or the relative charitable tendencies of black people and Jewish people, about the media and especially himself -- these are meaningless things. They're still shocking in their ugliness and ignorance, of course, and the peerlessly loathsome Sterling, spitting his sleepy-smug idiocies with such dewy pomposity, is startling in his own right.


It's instructive, in a way, to see the rotten undergirding of the usual, semi-subtle racist ubiquities -- the blinkered bullshit about A Failure Of Values In The Inner City, the sub-intimations that never quite become actionable assertions, the endless and heartbreakingly glib false equivalencies -- revealed in Cheap NBA Live Coins all their reeking and be-barnacled grossness. Sterling's low-tide mind has shown us that