Six points, 3-of-20 shooting (yuck), 0-of-7 from deep, seven rebounds, two assists, three steals, two turnovers.Harris had very few bad games at Michigan State; he scored in single digits just three times all season. Still, this performance against Wisconsin was abysmal.Michigan State was without Appling in this NBA Live Mobile Coins game, giving Harris a chance to act as a lead guard.


Harris failed to take advantage, struggling to create offense for himself and for others. Wisconsin hedged Harris hard on screens and worked to take away his mid-range game. Harris recognized this and floated to the arc. He tried to create offense himself, but resorted to dribbling the ball into poor, contested fall away jumpers.Shooters are taught to forget their last miss.


This basketball proverb is used to teach shooters to remain confident in their ability to make jumpers. But what happens when a shooter just keeps shooting and missing? Harris missed his first eight shots from the field and started pressing to break the slump, eventually settling for long, contested jumpers early in the shot clock. Near the end of the first half, he finally got an open look.But he had already missed his first seven shots.


He couldn't find his rhythm; this open shot rimmed out as well. Harris continued pressing early in the second half, taking more contested jumpers: That shot was blocked.Michigan State finally countered Wisconsin's hard-hedging defense by clearing out one side of the floor and allowing Harris to work with  Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins Payne in a series of side pick-and-rolls. The result was somewhat of a mixed bag: On the first possession, Harris zipped a bounce pass to