Redick at anything more than the mid-level exception, hence why the Magic are trying to move him.Another potential option for Redick is the Philadelphia 76ers, and NBA Live Mobile Coins Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers thinks a trade centered around Evan Turner could do the trick. The Sixers need some shooting and Redick would fit nicely with Andrew Bynum whenever he returns. Rockets dangling Terrence JonesThe Houston Rockets are willing to move rookie Terrence Jones for a first-round pick, according to Wojnarowski. Jones has never been able to crack the rotation in Houston, playing small minutes in just 11 appearances this season.


The 18th pick out of Kentucky has gone back and forth between the Rockets and the D-League.Patrick Harrell at The Dream Shake admits that while it would be disappointing to see the team give up on Jones so soon, there may simply not be room for him going forward, and another pick could be used as part of a larger deal. The rumor also seems to signal that the Rockets value fellow rookie Donatas Motiejunas more than Jones.Orlando Magic trade rumors: Will J.J. Redick be moved? - The "Dwightmare" is over, but the long rebuilding process for the Magic's new management team has just begun.


After getting out to a hot start to the season, Orlando has plummeted back to Earth and is currently in second-to-last place in the East with a 15-37 record.As a result, speculation around J.J. Redick has reached a fever pitch in the days leading up to the trade deadline.  The Redick SituationOn the surface, moving Redick appears to be a no-brainer. New GM Rob Hennigan was a disciple of Sam Presti, who turned the Thunder into a small-market title contender by strip-mining his roster and making top 5 picks for three consecutive seasons.


The 28-year-old Redick is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and he will be entering the decline phase of his career by the time the Magic expect to contend again.At the same, Redick is a popular player both within the Orlando community as well as the locker room. If they re-signed him, his Cheap NBA 2K18 MT professionalism could be valuable in a locker room that will have more than its share of raw young players. The question is whether Redick would be willing to commit to a rebuilding effort, so if the Magic hold onto him at the trade deadline, they could be letting one of their most valuable assets leave for nothing at the end of the