Premier League for a 29 rounds of competition, Arsenal sits home against Swansea The 11 minutes, Taylor left 45 degrees oblique pass, Boni points before the Madden NFL 18 Coins pressure Vermaelen header Gongmen, 0-1. After 45 minutes of competition, Arsenal temporarily 0-1 behind. Two teams in the history of confrontation 15 games, Arsenal 9 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses slightly prevail. After Arsenal in 10 days even to play 3 away, 0-6 defeat to


Chelsea basically ruined the league title title hope, and Swansea recent state is not satisfactory, the event nearly eight victorious, The last two rounds are losing to West Brom and Everton. The game, Arsenal array Koschercini missed, by the captain Vermaelen replaced the appearance, veteran Rosicky led the front attack line. Arsenal away 0-6 defeat in Chelsea after someone needs to be responsible for this, will it be Wenger? The answer is likely to


NO, because there is no indication that Arsenal executives are ready to shelve Wenger renewal, and if no accident, Wenger will be successfully renewed after the end of the season. Some players This is probably accurate, in fact, "Daily Star" on the exclusive report that today, said Wenger to take the goalkeeper position! Arsenal main goalkeeper Si Zesi witnessed the blue bridge massacre, in


Arsenal lost the first ball, the second ball process, Szeschney has some responsibility, his poor station by Eto'o, Xu Erle hit the horn, and in the Oscar to complete the madden mobile coins occasion of the opening of the second, Sze Si Ni also appeared to be less than the problem. Szeschney's poor performance was seen by Wenger in the eyes, coupled with his Champions League in the season against the,For more news,please visit the website