Out photoshops, so we wanted to get in on the action while it was still a little hot. It's something that was passed around the Internet at the time, so I hope we weren't too late NBA 2K18 MT capitalize. Seems like the Internet picked it up pretty well.The one I really enjoyed is that, after Al Horford's game-winner against Dallas, you tweeted out a Tony Romo joke. Where'd that idea come from, and did any Cowboys fans get mad about that one?If


Tony Romo needs advice in late-game situations, we know a guy he can call...— Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) December 16, 2013That idea was one of my favorite ones. You know how when Tony Romo makes a mistake, the whole world seems to talk about it on Twitter. Al Horford had hit two game-winners that week, one against


Dallas, so I took advantage of the opportunity to talk about one of our clutch players and promote Al in a way that would be funny and fans would pick up on.We had a loooottt of backlash from Dallas Cowboys fans. One of the Dallas Cowboys linebackers tweeted us back, saying 'Fuck you guys,' something like that.It was awesome. It was great to see the fans' response to it. Whether it's a positive or negative reaction, the point is that we wanted to see a reaction.


We certainly did with that one.Sometimes, you guys are not afraid to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins snark at another team, for lack of a better word. When the Cavaliers won the lottery, you had the lottery ticket with three different Cavs logos on it. Where'd that come from?We just bought a lotto ticket...wish us luck. Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) May 21, 2014To be honest with you, I always try to play on what's hot at the time. That was hot. The fact the Cavaliers got lucky by getting the http://www.mtnba2k.com/