Mike Conley had 26 points, but we should probably just talk about Marc Gasol. He's a magician whose talent must be appreciated:That combination of court vision and passing skill would be Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins unbelievable for a point guard -- seeing it from a 7-footer is just unfair. The big Spaniard finished with 20 points, 14 rebounds and three assists in the win.


And because LeBron James is awesome, even in losses, here's two of his 37 points (on 14-of-23 shooting) on a reverse put-back slam:Bobcats 94, Wizards 88 (OT)With the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference on the line, Charlotte built up a big first-quarter lead before blowing things in regulation. Luckily, the Bobcats rebounded from there to dominate the overtime period, preventing the Wizards from making a single field goal in five minutes.This continues a nasty habit of poor starts for Washington, and coach Randy Wittman wasn't happy about it after the game: 


The whole first half is a total disappointment."— Bullets Forever (@BulletsForever) April 10, 2017Now the Bobcats have the tiebreaker over the Wizards for that sixth seed and a chance to avoid Indiana in the first round. That's despite getting a triple-double from John Wall and a 27-point, 14-rebound effort from Marcin Gortat on Wednesday.Al Jefferson led Charlotte with 20 points and 18 rebounds.Cavaliers 122


Pistons 100Cleveland shot 57 percent from the field. Detroit shot 35 percent. There's your game, right there.Dion Waiters led the Cavs with 22 points, but pretty much everyone was pouring it on in this one. Detroit can't really play defense these days, but that shouldn't be excuse to celebrate when Cheap NBA Live Coins EVERYTHING IS HAWESOME:Spencer Hawes had 15 points on 6-of-8 shooting, plus eight rebounds, in 19 http://www.buynba2k.com/