Lakers have guaranteed deals in 2016-17, and the biggest one is NBA Live 18 Coins  only $7 million (Lou Williams). To get all of that cap space, the Lakers would have to renounce Bird rights to Kobe Bryant and Roy Hibbert (who each have $20 million plus cap holds) and decline options on a few other players.The Philadelphia 76ers don't need to do much to open up $62 million in cap space: they don't have any major contracts on the books, so there isn't anything really to come off.


The two biggest contracts on their sheet this season belong to two waived players, JaVale McGee and Gerald Wallace.) The Dallas Mavericks have $29 million locked up in five players (led by Wesley Matthews' $17 million), but there's another $30 million tied up in player options that could go either way and will dictate how big a player Big


D can be.If Cleveland signs Tristan Thompson to any amount in the negotiated range, they'll still have cap space in 2016. But that doesn't include LeBron James, who has a player option he is incredibly likely to decline in order to boost his salary share.ARE THERE GOOD FREE AGENTS TO SPEND ALL OF THIS DOUGH ON?There's


Durant and LeBron (the latter of which is almost assuredly sticking with Cleveland for a max contract starting at $31 million). Dwight Howard can become a free agent. The top Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins unrestricted FAs in their primes will be Mike Conley, Al Horford and Joakim Noah. DeMar DeRozan and