If one of the five-star freshmen struggles early on and is relegated to more of a supporter role, it is possible for him to lose confidence or to clash with a teammate. It would be Buy NBA Live Coins one fewer weapon at Krzyzewski’s disposal. Then there are the injury concerns with Giles and Jefferson. The pro here is that if either goes down, there is a starting quality player waiting in the wings. The con is, again, one fewer prime time weapon.


On a team of superstars, it will be on the coaching staff to manage the egos, but some of that responsibility will lie on Allen and Jones, the two combo guards who will perform the point guard responsibilities. They are experienced and may have to quarterback more than just the offense.Not that fans have any reason to think they can’t


Where do you start with Villanova’s flawless run through the NCAA tournament? There was the record-setting offensive efficiency and the gaudy point differential. There was the inspired play of senior point guard Ryan Arcidiacono, who hit 71 percent of his twos and 62 percent of his threes on his way to being named Most Outstanding Player.


And then MTnba2k.com there’s the shot by Kris Jenkins, one of the most iconic in the sport’s long history, and the instant-classic reactions it caused both stunned and subdued.Villanova’s run was so Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins thoroughly dominant and ended on such a picture-perfect note that it’s fair to wonder how MTnba2k.com any team could follow it. Arcidiacono is gone, as is interior anchor Daniel Ochefu, but many of last year’s critical cogs remain.