How can you treat it as such a serious matter when it's just a game, right?Along those lines I think humor is important to games. Let's move on to the next question from the game correspondent: Is it necessary for game designers in Japan to interact more with international media? You've appeared on FIFA 18 Coins Boing Boing Video, and I've helped organize a videogame music roundtable at GDC.


What does the industry as a whole have to gain from this kinds of international discourse on games?"Hm... I have no idea.I think it's really cool that there are these writers in other countries that are curious and want to know more about our games. I was fascinated by GDC because these developers that make projects costing millions of dollars wanted to talk to me in person. I felt that people really care about the experience, not the profit margin or anything else.


There was this great atmosphere there and it was really fun. I wanted to interact with more of these people. Don't you feel the same way?I think it's important. At the same time, I think game designers need to put more of their energy into making fun games.Okay, for one, if someone on your project team was struggling with their role in the game industry, I would definitely suggest their checking out


GDC.Are you serious?Sure. They should go and see what it's about.Well, that's because you had just made PixelJunk Eden. I think that if you didn't have a game to your name and you went there, it wouldn't be so exciting.Maybe you're right about that. At the same time, I think that rather than being lost and struggling in Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Japan, it might be worth checking it out and seeing if you get inspired. I think games can be an incredible source of inspiration.
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