He opted against entering the NBA Draft after his sophomore season.Thomas said neither the NCAA nor North Carolina has reached out to him to talk about his relationship with Hairston, USA Today said.More  NBA Live Mobile Coins from SB Nation:• The NBA's top 90 free agents | All NBA free agency news • A night at the beer pong "Brodeo"• Manny being minor: Rangers ink Ramirez• NBA Draft 2013 Grades and Results


The Golden State Warriors didn't rest on their laurels, making an aggressive move to clear cap space to get Andre Iguodala to agree to a four-year, $48 million contract.We'll briefly consider the Warriors' salary-dump trade with the Utah Jazz that was needed to get Iguodala, because it obviously factors into the evaluation in some fashion, but the bulk of this grade will focus on Iguodala himself.Warriors fans react at Golden State of MindAt roughly $12 million a season annually, Iguodala is worth his contract. He's a top-five perimeter defender in the


NBA and a versatile offensive player that can handle the ball, pass and, after struggling initially in his career, hit spot-up threes. He won't be an elite scorer, and he's still sometimes prone to the occasional lapse in concentration offensively, but on the right team, those issues can be covered up.The 2012-13


Nuggets were the right team, and Golden State, assuming it completes its conversion to small ball, are as well. Signing Iguodala is a sure sign that the style that got the Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins Warriors to the second round of the playoffs is here to stay. The Warriors aren't paying Iguodala $48 million so Harrison Barnes can be a bench player.