Had DeAndre Jordan decided to remain with the madden mobile coins L.A. Clippers back on July 3, the Dallas Mavericks would have found themselves in a precarious, albeit familiar position. This is not the first summer in which the Mavericks are desperately trying to add big-name free agents, and it would not have been the first summer in which the


Mavericks struck out on their top targets. Somehow, the Mavericks always find a back-up plan and deliver a playoff contender.But given that Jordan committed to the Mavericks initially, only to reverse course on Wednesday just as the free agent moratorium ended, no back-up plans are available. Due to the speed at which free agency resolved itself this summer, there are no good available center options on the table for a team that believes itself to be a contender. What do the Mavericks do now?One of these things.OPTION 1: Tank.


Mark Cuban said in the wake of the initial Jordan commitment that had Dallas struck out this summer, the team would have tanked. One assumes that means that Dirk Nowitzki would either be on the trade market or offered his full salary to retire, if he chose to do so. You'd also think that would mean that the


Mavericks wouldn't have spent time and money on Buy MUT 18 Coins veterans like J.J. Barea.That said, the Mavericks didn't strike out: Wesley Matthews committed to Dallas before Jordan's initial decision, and reports on Wednesday suggested he'd still join the team. Cuban's comments were pretty clear that they https://www.mmogo.com