Give them something to talk about.... A photo posted by MMOgo NFL Coins DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) on Aug 4, 2015 at 2:02pm PDTZILLER: BRB, looking for the crying-laughing emoji on my keyboard ...ZILLER: Hey, I understand the skepticism that Boogie and Karl will make it work --ZILLER: I would be worried if you didn't.ZILLER: -- but here's why I'm optimistic.


First, Boogie just wants to win. We know this. His problems with everyone stem from the losing. If Karl can get this roster some early wins, that solves a big part of the attitude problem. Second, Karl just wants to win! He wants that all-time wins record, and he's smart enough to know that his best chance to grab it is to work with Cousins and get wins now.


Third, Vlade Divac is a peace broker of the highest order. He's fully in charge, he's said the right things and he's given both Boogie and Karl what they so badly want: more talent on the roster. Wins are the best perfume.ZILLER: The first rule about DeMarcus Cousins is that he holds grudges. Ask any reporter covering the Kings. He forgets no slight, and


Karl gave him plenty to be mad about in the Buy MUT 18 Coins offseason. Ask Paul Westphal whether Boogie is the forgiving type. This is going to blow up by Thanksgiving. Just another crisis that the completely rational, patient Vivek Ranadive will navigate with grace and ease, no doubt. For more news,please visit the website