Game 7 of the NBA Finals before Money in the MUT 18 Coins Bank’s main event started.What we learned Rusev will beat up your dad on Father’s Day and then rub it in your face. Titus O’Neil won Celebrity Dad of the Year in 2015, and his kids were at ringside for his championship match. Big mistake, TitusGive this man letdown of the year. I beat him so bad his kids gonna denounce him. Kids call him Titus now not dad. uc0zRYhoWS— Rusev MACHKA (RusevBUL) June


World Heavyweight Championship Match Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns (c)Seth Rollins is back, and the title he never lost made it back to his waist. These two put on a main event that WWE probably wishes had been the main back in April at WrestleMania — or, at the least, WWE wishes Mania’s main event was received nearly as well.


What we learned Seth’s reconstructed knee is working just fine, as he hit his power moves and flipped around with reckless abandon in a lengthy main event. He’s also good enough to beat Roman Reigns — without help, without interference, without cheating — and seemed to be the good guy in this match despite starting it as the supposed bad guy.


Also, say what you want about Reigns’ character and WWE’s development of it, but the dude is dope as hell in the ring and the character is coming along... especially since he seemed to be Cheap MUT 18 Coins working more heel than face in this match-up.Also also, this match gave us this ridiculous counter of a MMOgo spear that was so stunning that it happening probably never crossed