Game 5 on Tuesday down 3-1, the Thunder now find themselves in a three-game series against the Spurs.On Sunday, Durant had 29 points in the second half as he tied his NBA Live Coins playoff high of 41 points to turn this series around, playing with a fire and intensity the Thunder need if they're going to pull off the upset.ROAR! Kevin Durant on fire.          


Nothing against Russell Westbrook, but going to Durant down the stretch was the move the Thunder had to make. Part of it was feeding the hot hand, but Durant's less frenetic play kept the Thunder poised down the stretch. Durant, who had yet to top 30 points against the stingy Spurs defense, finally found his groove. He was 14-of-25 from the field while Westbrook was 5-of-18 on his way to 14 points. In the


Game 3 loss, Durant had 26 points on 18 shots while Westbrook had 31 points on 31 shots.Westbrook was still an integral part of the win. He had 15 assists and seven rebounds, and was getting the ball to Durant as much as he could.The Thunder have two of the most dynamic players in the league. Game 4 wasn't necessarily the blue print for success, but it was better than every other game this series. It helps when Durant is firing on all cylinders and demanding the ball — but that's the Durant the Thunder need if they're going to win not only this series, but any series beyond it.                     


It's a possibility. A mean Durant is a dangerous one.2 other thingsLeBron James will not miss out on a chance to sweepJames had 21 points, 10 rebounds and Buy NBA Live Coins nine assists in the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 4 win over the Atlanta Hawks. It was a ho-hum stat line for the superstar, but his final minute of play put the Hawks away for good. He nailed a jumper with 39.2 seconds left to give the Cavaliers a three-point lead, then, after missing a jumper with the