explaining the situation, I anon added an amend to the commodity advertence that theOn-Duty agent was affable and accustomed me on the scene, and that it was anOff-Duty agent who had told me to

  leave.Legally, I am not acquainted of any laws that accompaniment anOff-Duty agent in credible clothes can adjustment an abandoned to leave what is about their own acreage afterwards such accepting accepting broken? any laws.

  I was not interfering with the arena in any way, on the adverse I had assisted a accepting in their time of need. The Dothan Bonfire Administering and it‘s cadre were affable and as accessible with whatever

  information they could give. I would like to acknowledge the Dothan firemen I batten with for their advice endure night as able-bodied as the accomplished job they did administering the fire. We at Dothan Eye News intend to accumulate

  covering as abounding bounded belief as we can possibly get to. We will aswell abide to obey the sheriff and his assembly if asked to leave a arena they are alive until our built-in rights are no

  longer abandoned aloft by his office.I would aswell like to add the following:SECTION 4 of the Constitution of Alabama (1901)Freedom of accent and press.That no law shall anytime be anesthetized to abbreviate or arrest

  the alternative of accent or of the press; and any accepting may speak, write, and broadcast his sentiments on all subjects, accepting amenable for the corruption of that liberty.These rights are not those of Dothan

  Eye News alone. They are the rights we all adore as citizens of the United States of America. I for one am analytical as to how a few accessible admiral feel they accept the ability to acquaint us that these rights do

  not administer to assertive individuals. I achievement our readers feel the aforementioned way and are accessible to ask their sheriff and his administering by what acumen they are abnegation us these rights?Jeremy MillerDothan Eye News

  Dothan Badge are tracking a doubtable who able afterwards accepting arrested for annexation beforehand this morning. The Dothan Badge K9 assemblage is en-route to the arena at this time.UPDATE @ 11:15am:The Dothan Badge