Eric Lempel says on the official PlayStation Blog that it's FUT Coins advancing "soon.""By bond your PlayStation Arrangement ceremony to your Facebook account, you will acquire the advantage for the PS3 to automatically amend your Facebook Ceremony Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Abundance activity," says Lempel.The amend will aswell acquiesce developers to add game-specific





Facebook affinity to their titles, so that amateur can broadcast added admonition to Facebook ceremony feeds.Although PS3 hasn't arise the aforementioned congenital Twitter abutment Xbox Reside gets today, Lempel addendum that PS3's congenital web browser lets users see their friends' Facebook and Twitter updates. Firmware amend 3.10 will aswell add a revamped photo examination system, and a adapted Accompany Ceremony based on user feedback. Users can aswell acquire the blush in which their PSN ID is displayed on the Xross Media Bar.





If the video adventurous boilerplate is to adeptness academy levels of cultural appliance and reach, the boilerplate industry acquire to not carelessness albatross to the indies, warns Chris Hecker, himself an absolute developer.Responding to a catechism afterward his Montreal All-embracing Adventurous Summit keynote address, which abundantly mirrored his keynote delivered endure ceremony at the IGDA Administration Appointment in San Francisco





Hecker accustomed that some of today's a lot of Madden NFL Coins absorbing and allusive adventurous plan is accepting done in the indie sphere.But he acclaimed that the bend of indie gaming inherently banned the broader appulse such amateur can have. Rather, if amateur are to become a boilerplate that is added broadly accustomed as able of adeptness and meaning, advance acquire to arise aloft the absolute spectrum of games, from all-embracing projects down to one-man endeavors.

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