England international then the performance of the NBA Live Mobile Coins accident. Sitting on the stretcher was carried out of the little tiger, smiling to Tottenham die out of a 2-0 gesture. The team came to the Emirates Stadium Tottenham fans, was very big fire. See Walcott so nurtured, the White Hart Lane fans are more angry, they throw the coins in the small tiger. After the game, the


British media is also a little humble to the behavior of the tigers. "Daily Mirror" commented: "Walcott this time to leave the injured, is the most bizarre injury back." Two weeks before the FA Cup North London Derby, Arsenal 2: 0 win the heat Stabbed, Walcott was injured before the whistle was stretchers carried out. But when he left, with a smile to the


Tottenham fans put "2: 0" provocative gestures. At that time the world thought that in this way to leave the "little tiger" injury is not heavy. But two days after the bad news came, Arsenal officially announced Walcott seriously injured will be absent for 6 months, not only re-season reimbursement, even the Brazilian World Cup will also be missed. The news came out


Tottenham fans out of a foul smell, they write tone to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT  write: "In fact, we all misunderstood Walcott. He was on the stretcher gestures mean: comrades I have to go to rest for 20 weeks "Of course, this is just a ridicule, Walcott seriously injured, the Arsenal on the England national team is a huge loss. 8 years, Arsenal like "life too old", whenever there is a chance to win, it is necessary to work on the issue of injury. And England in the, for more news visit to http://www.buynba2k.com/