Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has made a NBA Live Coins mantra out of the idea that making game quality the primary goal creates profitability by its nature -- but the relationship between a game's quality, its Metacritic score and its profitability often eludes precise science.Metacritic rankings certainly may act as at least a partial bellwether for quality levels in a publisher's portfolio, or for trends within a given franchise. But it's never been proven that ratings directly correlate to sales in any meaningful way -- in fact, recent analyst research has shown that scores are among the least-important factors to consumers making new game purchase decisions.


EA may have been stung a little by its own enthusiasm for high scores and the quality-to-sales promise back in 2008, when despite what Riccitiello called at the time a "significant improvement" in game quality -- one of his key stated missions since reassuming leadership of the company -- EA's holiday portfolio didn't meet sales expectations. That season, the recession arrived late to the previously-triumphant video game biz -- just in time to put some coal in its


Christmas stocking -- so it's hard to discern how much of a role the economy played. Nonetheless, Riccitiello still stands by his faith, and continues trimming EA's slate of games to focus on higher-quality SKUs and not a higher quantity of them -- he says EA has gone from 50-60 titles in fiscal 2009, '10 and '11 to the "high 30s.""I'm a fundamental believer that quality translates to success," he reiterates to


Gamasutra. "I think the equation is as true as it's ever been, but it Cheap NBA Live Coins  requires a modification I didn't emphasize enough two years ago."A poor sequel in a solid franchise may still sell well, because it takes multiple installments for the consumer base to develop an impression of a property significant enough as to impact sales, he asserts. And it goe.for more news visit to http://www.buynba2k.com/