Dortmund is currently no intention to transfer the Polish international, and Levandovsky himself did not clearly show In the winter fought a Premier League giants of the NBA Live Mobile Coins meaning, as for the future, Arsenal and Manchester United to win his odds are not too high. Signings worthy of gun fans care, the team is also the same time, the last round of the


Premier League Wilshire did not debut, he was off because of ankle injury, Wenger said recently, Wilshire did not hurt. The professor said: "First of all, after his comeback, his injury did not appear repeated, it is so I am very relieved.Also, although his ankle some inflammation, but the degree is not heavy, against the Vera when the break


Do not forget that he has not played for 17 months, what does this mean? For a professional player, 17 months off is really long, and I am satisfied with his progress. "Arsenal guest Goodison Park did not get a victory, Walcott shot for the gunmen scoring, Fellini later equalized the score, 1-1 score to the end of the end , And nearly two rounds are taking 1 point Arsenal fell to the top 7 standings.


Arsenal need to stop the decline, to remove their own efforts, and perhaps also need some luck. Do not say that good news really appeared. Premier League official website has 2K18 MT recently announced the 15th round of the Premiership competition law enforcement referee list, Arsenal met Fuxing Krattenberg. Arsenal will be in Beijing on December 1 at 23 o'clock home against Swansea of