Closed more than 10 hours, the NBA 2K18 MT gunmen fans hope A big summer player is just a short distance from the Emirates Stadium. However, eyeing Ozil this meat and potatoes is not just an Arsenal, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain also want to get the German international. However, the "Daily Mail" pointed out that compared to France


Ozil himself more inclined to go to the highly competitive Premier League development, so Manchester United is Arsenal's biggest stumbling block. As in the double red will be lost to Liverpool, the media and fans for Moyes to buy the call is very high, and Ozil is Manchester United is currently in urgent need of offensive midfielder, it can not rule out Arsenal once again the possibility of physical tragedy.


Ozil Arsenal first training! Super nuclear start buddha lottery 50 million Mr. Ozil in Arsenal's first show I am afraid to postpone! This is for the gun fans is undoubtedly a bad news. Local time Friday, Ozil missed Arsenal training class. After the end of the week in the German national team's mission, Ozil returned to London with his teammate, Mertesacker, but arrived at the club, and Ozil felt ill in disqualification.


At present, Ozil is still with the team came to Sunderland, but whether the appearance but also to further confirm the team doctor. Arsenal as the most heavy signings this summer, Ozil if the diagnosis had to say is a big loss to the team. But the fans do not have to worry too much, Ozil is just accidentally cold, but not by any serious injuries. If the game German warlocks, fans can still be in the Champions League next week to see the vitality of the