Clop attended the press conference, all MMOgo said that the Fut 18 Coins game is bound to be very exciting, because the two teams will certainly play offensive football. Wenger said: "I think that all the German players have one thing in common, their attitude towards the game is always 100% investment, the German players have always been very dedicated, which makes them famous and the German team to give you the feeling has been


They are very eager to play, have a positive attitude to the game, in recent years, German football has trained a large number of outstanding players. "Then Wenger continued:" The campaign will be very open, because Dortmund will not be retained, And we are naturally so, so in my opinion, the game will certainly be brilliant. "Wenger's argument has been a high degree of recognition of Klopp


Dortmund coach also admitted that such a duel is worth the fans to spend money to watch the scene The "Arsenal are favorites, and they play never out of date, and now they are in the right place, and have the right players, you can start playing football again, which is created by Arsene Wenger Box football, when I see the game, I want to see is such a football, if I want to pay for the money to buy the game, I will certainly buy tickets to the game. "Dortmund has no confidence Bayern last season as in the Emirates Stadium high triumph? Clop said: "We have to show the best performance, otherwise there must be no chance to win here.


 Champions League level placed here, no team can take all 18 points, if we can match the game Harvest, this feeling is bound to be wonderful, but even if MMOgo we can not do Buy NFL Coins this, it does not mean that days are collapsed. "Clop on the road to take points have expectations, Wenger is hope that the team that the Bundesliga "You are hard to assess how much of the experience these players can bring to the team, and most importantly, we have to concentrate and focus on kicking out their own standards," said Arsenal, who will be able to find the restraint of