China, feel very good, I like Beijing food, like the people here, they are very love football, Beijing is also a very large city, this morning I went to Tiananmen Square, which are Is a NBA Live Coins good memory. Have the opportunity to bring my wife and children to China, to see the culture and scenery of different countries, is also very important. Arsenal this season has bid farewell to the Carling Cup and FA Cup these two events, the Premiership and


Champions League hope to win almost zero, 8 years without crown seems to have been in conclusion. But within the team's view, this Arsenal's future will be infinitely beautiful, but there is also a premise, that is: the coach must be Wenger. Wenger hopes to buy a star and create a local young players as the main team in the case of great success, the situation in recent years, Wenger's dream did not shine into reality, the professor will continue on this road


Go down? Young defender Carl Jenkinson said he believed Wenger would be like that, and he was very much in favor of the professor to do so because the reuse of young people did not mean that there was always no crown. Karl Jenkinson said: "I know the coach will be the local players for the team to build the team's argument, the coach that this is conducive to the team, because the local players will be more loyal to the club, when I have stayed in


Arsenal So long ago, I agree with this argument.I think the current club which has some young talent is emerging, Wenger should not introduce new people from other places. "In Buy NBA 2K18 MT addition Karl - Jenkinson also stressed:" has been Wenger just want to introduce the best players for Arsenal, if the other players are also very outstanding, I think he will strive to be recruited, but I also think tha. More cheap coins in