Carmelo came down and buried a 20-foot jumper from NBA Live Coins  the baseline with a man in his face, and about 20 seconds left on the shot clock.It was a horrible shot, but at that point, because of how bad his teammates had been and how good he'd been, the rules didn't really apply to 'Melo. And he hit it, too, which always helps.Then Paul Pierce missed a jumper on the other end, and '


Melo got the rebound, came down the court, drew a foul, and nailed two free throws. Just like that, an 11-point hole had become a seven-point game, and the Knicks still had hope going into the fourth quarter. And it was all because of Carmelo Anthony taking over, making shots that normal people wouldn't even take.There are different kinds of superstars in the


NBA, what makes someone like Carmelo Anthony special is what he can create all by himself. The same way Kobe, LeBron, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Chris Paul can go to their team and say, "Just let me take care of this," Carmelo can say that to the Knicks. Just when it looks like all is lost, a player like that can single-handedly give you hope.And after that


Game 2 performance, the most popular response will be, "This is why you trade for Carmelo Anthony." Indeed, during the fourth quarter Tuesday night, Steve Kerr said exactly that. Later, after the Knicks lost, Will Leitch wrote at New York Magazine and noted of 'Melo:"Watching him, in a transcendent performance that will be remembered far  longer than this loss will, you can't argue that [the trade] wasn't still worth  it."And they're both right, just not for the reasons they think. What happened in Boston doesn't mean the trade's suddenly a success. It proves it was worth the risk.


After all, you don't make that trade thinking he'll one day carry you in a playoff game like he did on Tuesday.You trade for him knowing that he can do what he did in Boston, and only three or four others in the NBA can make that claim. You trade for Carmelo because you can't not trade for Carmelo.So Buy NBA 2K18 MT since most of the NBA will be talking about him today, let me say—I've always rooted for Carmelo. I watched him in high school, I loved him at Syracuse, I rooted like hell for him and the Nuggets to knock off the Lakers, and even after he engineered that ridiculous trade ordeal, he still came off a million times more likable than