By letting Nikola Pekovic outrun him here, Drummond causes the Pistons to surrender a wide-open three to Kevin Love, one of the most dangerous shooters in the game.These issues are NBA Live Mobile Coins understandable for a 20-year-old big man, but it's somewhat scary that they haven't really improved since Drummond entered the league. He still has star potential, but the longer Drummond sees what


 Smith, Monroe, Jennings and the rest of the defense is doing, the harder it will be for him to replace his bad habits with good ones, if only because of the dearth of positive examples.The result, as you've probably gathered, is a mess. All of these players are salvageable, even on defense. Smith has been a good defender in this league for several years. A smart coach with a good scheme can hide Monroe in something like the same way


Steve Clifford has minimized the impact of Al Jefferson's slow feet in Charlotte. Drummond is young and has all the raw skills to be one of this game's best rim protectors.And yet, when put together, they've brought out the worst in each other, with some help from an ineffective coaching staff. Even those of us who were bullish on the Pistons before the season expected something like this to happen offensively.


There was no way of knowing things would, or even could, have gone quite so haywire on the other end. I'm not mad; I'm just disappointed.UNDER THE MICROSCOPEWe take a look at one player each week that is either struggling or has displayed strong skill development.So, what's going on with Buy NBA Live Coins Roy Hibbert?Indiana's midseason malaise is best exemplified by its 7'2 center's tepid play of late. He emerged as the league's best defensive player and a behemoth in the middle in the first half, earning an All-Star