And the Raptors and Wizards appear to have their best NBA Live Mobile Coins years ahead, which is great news for the East.There's also data to be mined from year-over-year changes in team age. We'll look at those on Thursday.SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA NEWSLETTERGet news, links and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.NBA Y2K: The Sixers quest for an 0-82 season -


Between January 31 and March 27, the Philadelphia 76ers were total butt. If the Sixers really are intentionally tanking, they apparently need to lose even more than 100 percent of their games, because they still aren't in last place. It's kind of staggering: even after dropping an NBA-record 26 straight, they're still two games ahead of the 14-60 Milwaukee Bucks.Clearly, 26 is not enough. I want an 0-82 season. And through the simulation abilities of NBA 2K14 for the


Xbox 360, that's what we're going to try to accomplish.Over the last four years, this series has produced the best sports video games of all time. It possesses the fun factor, if not the instant accessibility, of games like NBA Jam, NHLPA '93, Tecmo Bowl and R.B.I. Baseball. Like Street Fighter II, it challenges you to learn a storybook full of special moves, should you want. The player-specific career modes make nods to RPG conventions. The team dynasty modes have given me the empire-building feel of Civilization


Amazingly, all this comes together to form a gameplay experience Buy NBA Live Coins that's without a single major flaw I've been able to identify over the hundreds of hours I've spent playing these dang games. This isn't quite "Breaking NBA 2K," because frankly, there isn't as much to break. Instead, we will press this deathly precise software into the service of bringing our basketball daydreams and horrors to life. This is