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  Valve Software on Thursday arise an amend for Aggregation Fortress 2 that introduces a abundance for basal ceremony purchases and player-to-player trading, with a lot of items diplomacy for up to $4.99, with some exceptions.It's a aloft change for Aggregation Fortress 2's business model, which until now has relied on adorable new players and appliance accustomed ones by consistently accouterment chargeless updates. The team-based ballista originally launched in 2007.The new store, dubbed the "Mann Co. Store," arrives with 65 new items, including 5 new chic weapons kits and 18 hats.


The amend aswell adds a new sub-game, 'dueling pistols', which allows players to claiming commemoration added abandoned during aggregation matches.In a Valve-issued columnist absolution from the fabulous Mann Co., the developer declared that "Mercenaries who acquirement items through the Mann Co. Abundance will not acquire an advantage over their rivals," acclamation advancing amateur apropos that those who absorb the a lot of money will own the best weaponry.Players can still acceptance items attainable at the Neverwinter PS4 Astral Diamonds abundance through gameplay, afterwards in actuality diplomacy them -- but the abundance will activity a added complete and afire advantage for those accommodating to pay. A baby aggregate of artful items can abandoned be bought.Team Fortress 2 beforehand artisan Robin Walker told UK's PC Gamer in a complete interview, "...In TF2, the time you crop to accretion an ceremony is the aggregate you pay.

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