Also like any good meal, there are some special ingredients.George is Madden NFL 18 Coins one of few human beings capable of making James work for everything he gets--just that fact alone makes for an intriguing matchup. But George is surrounded by a team known for giving opponents fits with lockdown defense.The Heat are the third-best offense in the league with an offensive rating of 114.4, while the Pacers are the best defensive team in the league with 106.1 points allowed per 100 possessions, according to Basketball-


Any time a high-octane offense matches up against a stout defensive team, it's interesting. Mix in the fact these two teams are vying for the same coveted top spot and don't get along, and it becomes must-see sports theater.That's precisely what's set to take place on Wednesday in front of a national audience.Appetizer: Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards, 7 p.m. ETBefore the heavy-hitters go at it, two upstarts from either conference will square off in the nation's capital.


The dangling carrot for this surefire fast-paced affair is the matchup of the two young dynamic point guards in Goran Dragic and John Wall. Each has had a breakout season to this point, and figure to showcase their entire arsenal of dynamic skills against one another.As the floor generals go, so go their teams.More Suns and Wizards coverage:     Bright Side of the Sun  Bullets ForeverWashington is in the sixth seed and looking to solidify its position in the postseason, while


Phoenix is working to hang on out West as the No. 8 and final seed in the playoff picture.Ironically, the Suns hold the better record (42-29 vs. the Wizards' 36-34 mark) heading in. There's Madden NFL Coins a disparity in talent between the conferences, but these two teams are fairly even in terms of where they are developmentally. The