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Expansion was the NBA Live 18 Coins

Le 30 août 2017, 12:25 dans Humeurs 0

Expansion was the right decision well before NBA Live 18 Coins this late re-escalation. Expansion made sense from Day 1. I debunked the most frequent anti-expansion arguments back in January. To argue that expansion will lead to talent dilution is to imply that there's a major difference between the


No. 450 and the No. 465 player in the world. It's not valid. And for the argument that there aren't enough stars to go around as is, that's an argument that could be made at any level of league size depending entirely on where you set the threshold for star. If you consider the top-15 players to be stars, then there's already twice as many teams as star players!


Contract to 15, right?The simple truth is that adding 8-10 rotation spots has a negligible impact on the overall talent level. Well-run, lucky franchises will still be better off than unlucky, poorly-run franchises. There has been wheat and chaff throughout league history. The league is not especially unbalanced now.


Sactown Royalty for Kings fans Sonics rising for Seattle fansThe financial arguments against expansion are interesting in that they are pretty goofy, especially when we're talking about expansion to a market that will likely land mid-rung to upper-level in terms of revenue generation.


The point Stern has made in deflecting Buy NBA Live 18 Coins expansion talk is that it needs to wait for a new TV deal. As some have pointed out in recent days, it makes more sense to have Seattle in the fold before negotiating that new deal in the next couple of years. (In fact, Sports Business Journal reported on

For all the talk of the NBA Live Mobile Coins

Le 29 août 2017, 09:00 dans Humeurs 0

For all the talk of the Heat blueprint revolutionizing NBA Live Mobile Coins basketball, that's only half the story. The real "revolution" is this new battle between styles that we're going to see over and over again. Grantland's Zach Lowe has already highlighted this trend in these playoffs.


It's a new kind of chess match between teams with different personnel strengths, where officiating and lineup management become twice as important, and we all have twice as much to overanalyze between every game of every playoff series.When you think about it like that, the "Mouse in the House" NBA is pretty much perfect for 2013.


We have 10,000 different people on the internet scrutinizing adjustments and coaching and lineups every day during the playoffs, and suddenly this stuff matters more than ever.And really, as more teams catch on, it's only going to get more insane over the next few years. There's gonna be mice EVERYWHERE.


Now, a few other thoughts on the NBA Playoffs from the past few days. God, that was a big win on Sunday.The Thunder Are Alive. God, that was a big win on Sunday. Obviously, Game 1 is huge in Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins any series, but for OKC, Sunday's win was as much about proving to themselves that they can hang with.


emphis as it was about holding court at home. We've come a long way from Game 5 against Houston. As the second half unfolded in that one, nothing was working, everyone was frustrated, and watching them getting ground up by the Rockets, you couldn't help dread the disaster that was waiting in a potential Memphis series.Then...

Randolph passes the ball NFL 18 Coins

Le 26 août 2017, 09:06 dans Humeurs 0

Randolph passes the ball back out to Tayshaun Prince, which seemingly creates an open look. Prince passes the ball back in to Randolph, however, deciding against taking the shot. He is NFL 18 Coins essentially no threat. Another problem for Memphis here is how long it has taken Marc Gasol to get back on offense.


The Grizzlies are trying to play four on five here because Gasol is barely crossing half-court.The Spurs are packed so tightly onto Randolph that Tim Duncan looks as if he's defending Kawhi Leonard in the post. Gasol has barely reached the three-point line.


Danny Green is also sagging into the paint, not worried about leaving Tony Allen alone on the perimeter. Once again, Randolph has to deal with three defenders in the post. He puts up the shot after receiving a pass back from Prince and misses. In the rare instance that Randolph seals his man under the rim, the.


Grizzlies must get him the ball. The Spurs are doing a great job of making Randolph work in the post, so easy opportunities cannot be passed over. Here, Randolph will seal Tiago Splitter, but Darrell Arthur instead swings the ball to the corner. It's also worth noting is that the post is clear while the Grizzlies have both Bayless (at the elbow moving off-ball) and Pondexter (planted in the corner) on the floor. Randolph tries to seal Splitter a second time in that same position, but Splitter is prepared for it and pushes Randolph out.


The Grizzlies reset their offense. The Grizzlies also Cheap FIFA 18 Coins have to put Randolph in a position to be effective. Using Randolph to set high ball screens has been ineffective. The Spurs are able to contain the ball handler while ignoring Randolph on the perimeter.The Spurs easily handle the dribble penetration and force.

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